Ambang Botanic 2 Klang is now covered by Unifi Home Broadband fibre Connection.

You can now apply unifi for area Ambang Botanic 2 Klang.

Unifi Covered Ambang Botanic 2 Klang. You can get unifi internet broadband without going to tmpoint. Sit at home ,apply , and get connect with Malaysia fastest and stable fibre internet connection.

Apply now with 1 month free, apply now , you will get connection within 2 to 5 days times.

Ambang Botanic 2 Klang is covered with unifi, you can now apply with one month FREE Trial.

free installation, no need to pay for one month .
free 600 min call to landlines.
70++ premium channel
start from RM89
no need to collect thumbprint , for social distancing
Start apply now with out go to tmpoint.

Want to know if your area is covered?

Try search @ig or fb with your area name.

Check The Packages Available Below:

unifi price list 2020