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Why unifi fibre?

Unparalleled Network Coverage

Access the best and widest coverage high speed internet in Malaysia

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Get your high speed internet installed within 24 hours for free

Never Run Out of Entertainment

Only the best entertainment with 70 channels from the 4K Android TV Box and unifi TV, in your own home

Troubleshoot, Without Trouble

We send our very own unifi experts directly to your home to service or troubleshoot any issues you might have

Unlimited, even for just data

Simple no-frills data plans at speeds you’ll love.

Endless entertainment – now yours to enjoy

With unifi TV and unlimited broadband internet, enjoy even more of the latest entertainment options 24/7 in the comfort of your own home

Do it all with the all-in-one plan

Maximise your unifi experience with high—speed broadband fibre internet, premium unifi TV and signal-boosting hardware. All in one plan

I have been using unifi for so long, after my unifi contract end. I make a switch to new contract, and it serve me better with new wifi router.

Adam Sam


Chin Siew Mai

I sudah 10 tahun tinggal kat shah alam, port penuh 5 tahun dulu, selapas i contact mr Yaw. 2 minggu sudah dpt port, sekarang, anak anak dpt online masa lock down.


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