If you are thinking about getting unifi broadband to work from home, it may be worth considering the 30Mbps plan.

It will give you a decent amount of bandwidth to use for your computer and other devices. 

It depends on what you are planning to do with the unifi. 100Mbps is good for most activities and streaming video etc.

You will be able to do most of your daily stuff on unifi. If you want to download big files like games then consider going for 1Gbps.

If you have a broadband connection of 100Mbps or more, you may have noticed that your broadband speeds are not as fast as you’d like them to be. This is because the majority of the bandwidth of your broadband connection is shared between your home and other users on the same line.

For example, if there are two households connected to a single line, each household will share 50% of the total bandwidth.

Unifi Broadband Come With:

  • free installation, no need to pay for one month .
  • free 600 min call to landlines.
  • 70++ premium channel
  • start from RM89
  • no need to collect thumbprint , for social distancing
  • Start apply now with out go to tmpoint.

Want to know if your area is covered?

Try search @ig or fb with your area name.

Check The Packages Available Below:

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